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Animal talk

Primary school education these days involves much of what I studied early on in secondary school - science experiments, French, world war 2 abs equations. However whilst prepping for entrance exams a few years ago I uncovered a complete blank in my daughter’s education. She had almost no knowledge of the names of baby animals. Nor male or female animal names either!

At first I was told that she would have been taught in nursery….but since then I’ve come to realise that it’s not just my daughter who has a complete blank on some of the basics of life. Some of her friends do too!

It’s spurned my favourite game with her friends of ‘name the baby animal / mummy or daddy animal / group of animals’ which can have hilarious answers at times!

Today a new game has been added!!

I asked Rosie to tidy away a toy budgie and with all seriousness she said ‘quack quack’!!

Oh my! I’m in for some fun this week!

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