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A Very Different School Year Start

September is here and it’s meant the end of the school holidays and a time for change.

After 25 weeks at home it was time for Rosie leave the safe space of home and to start her new secondary school. Given we are all medically vulnerable this has naturally been a worrying time for all of us. Rosie is very fortunate to be in a small school with lots of space and tiny classes and I know they are looking after her well. She’s loving it so far which is fab.

It’s a different story for Toby. I always knew he was unlikely short term to return to school full time in the current climate. This is for many reasons but most of all his mental health and well being. Toby has no idea there’s been a pandemic; or about social distancing; or that there’s rules and restrictions in place. That includes at school. It’s always been tricky keeping Toby in mainstream but he’s got friends and he’s always been extremely happy to go to school every day. But the world is suddenly very different to what it was 6 months ago. Time means nothing to Toby. He lives in his own Toby bubble and that protects him from a lot of real life.

Lockdown has also been good for Toby. He’s been less stressed. He’s made good progress. He’s played and explored. Above all his speech and understanding has improved massively. My background is in early years up to age 8, so I feel comfortable that I can educate Toby with a bit of help from Twinkl and from our very supportive school. So we have taken the decision to flexi-school for the foreseeable future until the restrictions within the school environment lift. Hopefully it will go ahead and will give a good mix for Toby which gives him time at home with me; some time with his friends and doing fun things in school; and I get a few hours to work and do the endless paperwork and appointments that come with two children with additional needs. First published on 10.9.2020

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